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Archived Post 02-11-2010 07:47 PM

New game mode idea
I'd like to propose a new game mode idea. It's basically a one starship v one starship match. However, all players are actually working as crewmen aboard each ship. Two teams of two crews.

Each crew member is assigned a role / special priveledges. Tactical officers can fly fighters and the main ship, engineers can create weapons / control where power goes, and science officers are in charge of getting resources to make the weapons. Each ship has two ships in them, a mining ship and a fighter ship. Miners go out and mine asteroids for minerals that can be used to make weapon payloads of various types. The minerals first have to be refined before they can be dropped off to engineering to be used by an engineer to craft torpedos which can then be loaded into missle bays to be fired. Fighters can be used to harass the enemy and can also be loaded with torpedos and weapons. The ships can also be upgraded based on minerals.

This scenario creates a lot of hectic teamwork, requires a lot of communication, and has some fun potential.

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