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Archived Post 02-12-2010 04:01 AM

Mission Contacts needs UI improvements
I am getting irritated by the current mission contact interface.

1. I cannot hide contacts whose missions are well below my level: Can you just hide contacts that don't have any missions that are within five levels of me and put a checkbox or something to show all contacts? The only current way to hide them is to just accept every mission which then means I have a really messy mission log with lots of low level missions that I don't wish to do.

2. Contacts change order everytime you go to hail starfleet: Can you just order them alphabetically?

3. You cannot easily distiguish what type the contact is: I.E. Standard Mission, Explore, Fleet Battle, etc. Could you add some icons or colour code or something to help us distinguish between the contacts.

4. The Hail Starfleet panel closes each time you speak to a new contact: Can you not just leave the window open so I can speak to a contact get the missions, close that contact and be back at the contact list without having to press the hail starfleet button again.

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