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Archived Post 02-12-2010 01:35 PM

Why am I only getting science officers?
I apologize if this has been brought up

I am a tactical officer myself and I fly escort ships. So far I have had a total of 3 tactical officers offered to me. I was able to train them up but in terms of rare skills I might want as a tactical officer, I haven't had much luck.

So far I have had more science officers join my crew than all other types together. I just sent 6 rare science officers to another of my characters, I have 3 science officers on board, and the last 3 officers I have been offered were all science officers.

Is this normal? Originally I was getting a choice of multiple officers to choose from but ever since about level 12 that stopped and I only get 1 option. Also, most of the time I have to click that single radio button to select the only choice and it tells me my "inventory is full" and it errors out. That is partially why i sent my crowd of science officers to another character.

I have to select that only option two times then it finally gives it to me.

If anybody else has any tips or advice other than "sell them in the exchange" which I have been considering, I would appreciate it.

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