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Archived Post 02-13-2010 02:55 PM

"gold" sellers?
Just wondering, what's the rule on these gold sellers and how do you report them?

EDIT: The message came by private message, if it makes a difference.

Archived Post 02-13-2010 03:05 PM

forum pm messages are linked to your ingame mail, weather you see the spam on the forums or ingame using the ingame mail select the spam message and click report, cryptic are working on a similar system for the forums.

if you see spam in the chat window right click the name and select report. a report will be sent to cryptic and the name will be added to your ignore list

sometimes you need to click report or report spam 2 or more times, a message in your chat window and on screen will say added to ignore list if its sucessful

more info here

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