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The Mythical Fedball
What is the "fedball", exactly?

I see the term used a lot, but haven't ever seen a definition. The only one I've ever seen said something about people with healing skills and being placed in a certain position to do... something that was clearly overpowered and maybe had something to do with a ball, and the federation.

I've also never seen anything remotely close to what he described in any pvp match... ever. On either side. I'm Commander 4, so maybe it's something that only happens at captain+; I dunno. For as much as people ***** about it, and based on the half-assed "definition" I read, I assumed it was a common problem at all tiers. Mentally-handicapped klingon officers that take 10 minutes to plan an attack from cloak certainly are.

Unless "fedball" means "travelling as a group", which is equally effective for both sides. Really, it's probably better for klingons because focused dual cannon fire will kill any ship immediately, regardless of BO skills, and then the fed side is at a severe disadvantage for the rest of the fight (unless the short respawn timer just lets them come back olol ).

Maybe the complaint is just that complete lack of teamwork goes better for the feds than the klingons. Wooo

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Holy mother of search functions.

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a fedball is just a group of feds hanging out together and hope they have a chance to win bc of masses instead of skill

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Play a Klingon in T2, and you can't possibly miss seeing a Fed ball, or being run over by it.

The best example is in Arena games like Cracked planet. The feds dont do anything. They just all sit in a big ball right at their entrance, and wait. The moment a Klingon drops cloak or otherwise comes near the ball, they focus fire the hell out of his ship, which has about the staying power of a paper airplane. On the chance that the Klingons are organized and actually launch an effective attack, the 'fed ball' makes it very easy for the feds to heal each other.

All in all, the fed ball is extremely difficult to crack. Not only is there strength in numbers, but they also have the benefit of the 'holy trinity' of ships (DPS, tank, Support) right from T2. Klingons cannot truely match that until T5. Even when we obtain cruisers in T3 and T4, a lot of Klingons still insist on playing their fragile birds of prey.

The only way for five birds of prey to defeat a fed ball, is to be coordinated, take their time, and have luck on their side. Anything less is just feeding kills to the feds and giving them an easy win.

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As a new LC, I saw my first fedball last night. When did I knew that it was a true fedball? When 2-3 of their ships got me in separate tractor beams, and I died very shortly thereafter :) We weren't a truly coordinated team, and we lost pretty badly. We did get kills, but they were very difficult to get.

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Fedball: Noun.
Shorthand for, "Opponents used some teamwork and beat us, so we need to throw around this term and pat ourselves on the back and talk about how outclassed/downtrodden we are. Blaming our loss on us using 0 heals and individually decloaking at 30 second intervals is totally unacceptable. We didn't lose because of our failures, we lost because they...stayed grouped up."

Archived Post 02-14-2010 09:14 AM

The tactic refers to the most obvious federation counter to being attacked with surprise by stealth, which is to group up or huddle. It is considered 'unbeatable' by terribad kdf players.

To defeat it requires a minimum of support and coordination on the KDF side, and it guarantees that there will be at least some attrition on the the attackers side.

Due to the wide angle of attack of fed default weapons, they are often able to focus fire in masse.

The term doesn't specify whether the fed players in the ball are supporting one another or not, but when they do it's considerably more effective.

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Could the forum mods implement a filter to change 'fedball' to 'teamwork'?

I think it would alleviate a lot of confusion over balance concerns.

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Originally Posted by DefinitelyNotATerrorist
Could the forum mods implement a filter to change 'fedball' to 'teamwork'?

I think it would alleviate a lot of confusion over balance concerns.

Fedball doesn't guarantee teamwork. It only refers to the feds clumping up. Teamwork is a seperate issue.

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