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Ask Cryptic (November 26, 2008)
This Ask Cryptic contains answers on power management, exploration and small ship tactics. A big thanks goes out the development team for taking the time to provide these answers!


We’re not using anything like a traditional MMO “mana bar” for energy. Your ship’s Warp Core provides power, and you allocate this power to individual systems – shields, weapons, propulsion, etc. But you won’t “run out” of energy and have to wait to fire phasers. That’s not fun. The more power you allocate to weapons, the more effective your phasers become.
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Cool info. Thanks for the birthday present :D

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Finally, I am impressed. These ask cryptics have been a little boring lately but this fills my head with promise of a grea game. thanks cryptic. Dont forget to keep up with the timeline updates and maybe some gameplay videos or a new exclusive trailer for ST:O. Anywho, well done and congrats to the boys over at cryptic. I'll see you around the alpha quadrant.

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Any time we don't hear from them, is time they are spending working on the game! This I think, is a good thing.

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This makes me happy:

Will a gang of smaller ships, say, several Bird-of-Preys, be able to take out something like a Warbird using superior tactics and numbers?

Yes. Since we’re not using a traditional level-based system, smaller ships with good tactics and teamwork can take on bigger ships with a solid chance of success.

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I think that is a very good system of power allocation between systems though the system of diversion should be like in Star Trek: Encounters(PS2- Blue back disk) where weapons+shields and engines+sensors were linked.

I also think the small ship teamup system will work out. Now if you could make a formation system for the small ships to do forms like the "Diamond-Slot"(The First Duty(TNG)) and other formations.

And an always updating star map is probably the best because if someone found a new system and you want to see it, you have the system's coordinates already.

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Originally Posted by Varrangian (Post 278953)
Cool info. Thanks for the birthday present :D

Oh, and happy B day, dooooood.

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Originally Posted by El Capitan
Oh, and happy B day, dooooood.

Thank you very much.

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oh baby a new Ask Cryptic before the holiday weekend!

Cheers for no "mana" bars. I always get tired when games just slap a new name on the same old "magic" bar. Lots of ship details in this one. I think that info about multiple small ships being able to take out a big ship is good. Most mmos favor the top end character so much that they are untouchable.

Love the tid bit on unique items and equipment. Sounds like there will be quite a bit crafting involved as well. Studying technology before using it fits right into trek. Maybe my engineer can make modifications and improvements. As for super rare items this has me drooling. Nothing makes exploring more fun then an old fashion treasure hunt!


if we have items like that they will be revealed during play. guys are such a tease.

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I really, really want this game.

Anyone have a time travel device so I can just jump to release day?? ;)

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