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Full bridge with Efficient Traits?
Any points in having a full bridge with each BOff having the Efficiency Trait?

Just what exactly does this trait do? I know I can choose it during char creations, still what does it do exactly?

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Nobody got any idea? C'mon you min/maximist, say something ;)!

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Starship Engineering ... Tier 3 Skills
Starship Auxilliary Systems Efficiency +5
Starship Weapon Efficiency +5
Starship Engine Efficiency +5
Starship Shield Efficiency +5

Archived Post 02-14-2010 01:05 PM
This thread has a lot of detail about power settings - when you get to the tables, you'll see what little effect the Efficient Trait (versus the efficient engines) has. I beilieve Kiala just had ONE BO with Efficient for this test.

On a thread I can't find about the Efficient trait being broken, it turns out that Efficient acts like a +5 to the Efficiency skills, not directly affecting power settings by +5. Since Level ONE of those skills is +10 and level 9 adds +4 to the top (+52), you essentially get level 0.5 (Equivalent of level 10 when you skill them all the way up) in those skills for free - which amounts to near nothing, especially for any power setting above 50.

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But considering that BOs haven't been seen with any other space traits, it's better than nothing.

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Originally Posted by AlienFromBeyond (Post 2089864)
But considering that BOs haven't been seen with any other space traits, it's better than nothing.

nausicans get piracy.

Archived Post 02-14-2010 04:31 PM

That's a bug, the Pirate trait is a ground trait, not a space trait.

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Yeah, they stack. If you're a Klingon faction member, you're screwed though. Klingons have no access to efficient BOs.

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