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Archived Post 02-14-2010 11:57 AM

Combat changes i'd like to see.
Some things i would like to see changed.

1. When i switch weapons, i would like to keep the target i have, not have it reset. Some times it would target my officers behind me.

2. When scanning, i'd like to scan for quest location rather then the closest object.

3. When looking at an item in inventory, i'd like it to show which item it is i am looking at , sometimes i get confused to which item it is, inventory or the one i have equip. example would be to highlight the item i have my pointer on with a different colour.

4. When crouched by using C i would like it if i could zoom out rather then be stuck looking my toon, it takes up to much of my viewscreen and can't see if someone is behind me.

5. Love to have a 1st preson view on ground and in space.

6. Auto lock would be nice in space, that way the camera stays locked on the target.

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