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How many levels for each rank?
Since I have searched every where I seem to not be able to find a rough break-down of player progression and levels. Like how many levels are there for each rank? I went through Ensign which was 10 levels, so I expected Lieutenant to be 10 levels as well. Well, I'm sitting here at Lt. 12 and wondering wth?

It would be nice to see a chart of sorts so I know where I stand. Any Admirals mind chiming in?

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You got to spend your skill points and BO Skill Points, once that happens a menu should pop up for a quest to become promoted...

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Ensign is about 4 or 5, the rest are 10.

TO get to Lt. Commander 1, you have to spent 6700 of your skillpoints. Obviously you havent done that. Press 'K, choose your characters name, his skills, and start spending those Skillpoints by pressing the little up-arrows under all the Skills in the left side of the skill-tree. :)

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You get a new ship at 11, 21, 31, 41. Max level is currently 45.

You have to spend all your points up to that level to get the mission that advances you in rank and gives you a new ship.

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Originally Posted by Huutini (Post 2087042)
Ensign is about 4 or 5, the rest are 10.

Ensign lasts through the Tutorial and your first meeting with Quinn. After that, you have all the points you need to get to Lieutenant. If you want to be a stickler, you can consider Lt/1-5 as your time in "Lieutenant (j.g.)".

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I'm a dumb@$$, I didn't scroll down to see my other skills/abilities. *slaps face*

Thanks guys.

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