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Mis-aligned weapons
In my tier five Recon Science Vessel, my forward facing Dual Beam Banks are constantly firing from outside my ship, just off my port side, past my nacelles. I am wondering if anyone else has this issue, and if there are possible fixes. Switching ships doesn't reset it, logging off and on doesn't fix it, I tried removing the ship altogether and buying a new one and it seems to affect all tier five Recon Science Vessel options.

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What is the proper procedure for bumping ones thread?

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Originally Posted by Scaids (Post 2092704)
What is the proper procedure for bumping ones thread?

not sure but I guess someone else with the same bug can bump it for you :D

Yep, I've also got this bug,

Tier 5 recon ship fitted with disruptor dual beam arrays, And the firing arc of the beams starts at the aft end of my port nacelle. Well actually the beams seem to start from somewhere just off this point in the middle of space.

I'm not in game at the moment but I'll file a ticket and get a screenie later if i can. ( also gives me a chance for a new thread bump ! ;) )

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I am glad that it's not happening to just me, the main problem being I know no one that flies science vessels at admiral yet. Not that they don't exist, I just don't know them personally.

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