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Archived Post 02-14-2010 07:48 PM

Crashing while doing certain exploration missions
Hi all,

I'm running a 9600M GT on VIsta(boot camp)

I cannot do certain missions in the nebulas. Any mission when you have to beam down to the planet, it crashes while it loads the planet, an error in decompressing some file.

Then, sometimes it crashes while trying to "explore unknown system." If this happens, i have to let it finish scanning all the files, otherwise it just loads me back into the game and crashes immediately again.

My drivers are up to date based on the NVIDIA website, so I'm not sure what else I have to do to make exploration missions less infuriating.

Archived Post 02-15-2010 09:36 AM

Does it also crash when you do ground missions in non-exploration zones?

Archived Post 02-15-2010 05:18 PM

No, i've only come across this issue in the nebulas. I'm not even sure which type of mission is crashing it on entrance. I'm certain that it crashes on any ground mission that requires investigating the planet, but I can do the one where you investigate the asteroid base without any issue. It also crashes immediately when trying to enter the system, so I'm not sure which missions those are.

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