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Archived Post 02-16-2010 09:01 AM

Map Border Glitch.
Was on my way to Alderbran,so i set the ships way-point to auto-nav there,thought id do a bit on inventory sorting on the way.Saw Alderbran zip past so i closed up,hit all stop.

I turned my ship around and set the way point back to the hostile engagement but i couldn't move,seems that some how,when i was in the inventory i got stuck on the deep space side of the border,i was being told that i didn't have clearance to warp there,but,i couldn't warp back to the map i was on.

I followed the map edge all the way to Klingon space,till i hit another border ( shock horror i couldn't get a Klingon to kill me )

So i have logged out in the hope that i re-spawn back somewhere friendly-ish..

Bugger eh?

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