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Archived Post 02-16-2010 06:06 PM

Klingon ranks?
What's up with the Klingon ranks?

On my paperdolls (equipment layout window) it lists level 11 as Sergeant, yet everywhere else (my XP bar, contact references, etc.) I am referred to as Lieutenant Commander, which is not even a Klingon rank.

What's going on here? Does this continue into higher levels? Is the top rank for a Klingon General as it should be, or are we referred to as Admiral just like Federation officers?

Even if Sergeant is correct, I don't think it should be.
Since Klingons start out at sixth level, we shouldn't start with the Ensign level rank of Warrior, or more accurately, Bekk. This should be the starting rank of our crew, not we the captains. We should start at the rank of Sergeant and move up from there.

There is some confusion where Klingon rankings are concerned, but they should not be the same as the Federation. This should be the actual ranking system of the KDF in STO.

Federation of Planets ______ Klingon Defense Force
Ensign ________________________ Bekk (Warrior)
Lieutenant _________________________ Sergeant
Lt Commander ____________________ Lieutenant
Commander ____________________ Commander
Captain ____________________________ Captain
Admiral ____________________________ General

Is this how it is in game? If not, it should be.


Archived Post 02-16-2010 06:47 PM

Any high ranking Klingons out there who can tell me if this is accurate?


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