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qziqza 08-21-2014 10:45 AM

Graduation Day - Trouble completing

1st time round Elisa Flores was in the correct starting position, was able to progress
through mission up to 'follow flores' at this point she just stands outside Academy
main building and doesn't move or allow any further dialogue.

2nd time round, after deleting and rerolling character, Elisa Flores was not on her marker
at the start of the tutorial, after a run around the zone she was stood outside the
Academy main building, same position as she was frozen in from 1st attempt. eventually
she respawned at her marker and i was able to progress the mission to the same point
as before 'follow me' again she becomes unmoving and allows no dialogue.

Should also be noted that after visiting Taggart, the mission helper directs you to the
patch of grass outside Taggarts building. on 1st attempt Flores was some distance away,
see image below, and ran from me as i approached her stopping outside Academy main
building. (mission helper wrong location) (Flores not on starting marker)

Tried to raise a ticket in game - system keeps saying 'unable to connect - try later'

After approx 10-15mins, Flores despawned from outside Academy, 2mins later she ran towards
my location and allowed me to continue onto 'locate weapon locker' and continue mission.

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