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Archived Post 02-17-2010 09:54 PM

Roleplay Emotes & UI
Greetings Badgers,

Im raising the issue of emotes and how they may be made more excesible to the average user. Simply, would it be possible to make all emotes draggable to the user taskbar as UI's? For the purpose of roleplay it would really help and save typing "/emote frustrated" whilst in a conversation or heaven forbid try and look into the worlds longests drop down box!

Most MMO's I have played allow this and it really helps promote roleplay as pressing one bound key to a emote is far easier than the current system.

I appologise if this has already been covered and I missed the post but in my and a few friends opinion this is a real GUI issue at the moment.

Philius Fogg
169 th Fleet

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