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Archived Post 02-18-2010 09:11 AM

How to train Photonic Shockwave III? WTF
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I'm now Rear Admiral 5. It seam to be the max lvl because I'm not getting anymore skillpoint.
Every skillpoint I should get is convert into Bridge Officer point.

Since Rear Admiral 3, I got the skill Photonic Theory train at 9, wich unlock the possibility to train Photonic Shockwave III to one of my officer. BUT, instead of what I thought, it's not a "Commander" skill, but a "Captain" skill (as you can see in the screenshot below).
So wtf!
I got 3 of my science officer who got every skill at 9 from ensign to commander. I got more than the "required" to "promote" them to Captain, but it look like there is no way to train an officer to Captain (as you can also see in the other screen shot below).
And anyway there is no ship whit a captain ability slot...
So once again WTF!

My only admiral skill at 9 is Photonic Theory and still not able to train the skill it unlock to any of my officer...

Is there anyone whit the same probleme? Is there anyone whit an answer?

This is the link to my last post :
I'm posting again, hoping in any answer, besauce the only answer Cryptic is giving me is go ask the community...


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