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Archived Post 02-18-2010 10:46 AM

I never join a Ground PvP map that's evenly matched.
Don't start the game until an equal number of team members are in place, otherwise you just have one faction chasing some poor sucker around the map for 10 minutes before a buddy shows up.

Then you have two people getting chased around with rotating respawns, so they're never really together nor have a chance against 5 opponents anyway.

Archived Post 02-18-2010 10:55 AM

Same Here
Ditto: I've not been in a single even Ground PvP match. Coupled with the fact that space combat is to 15 while ground is to 40 (meaning it feels like you're being chased around for 20 minutes) . . . some folks seem to be able to have a good time in ground combat, but is there any way to assure that?

Archived Post 02-18-2010 05:57 PM

I have been in a few matches lately where there is only me and two other Klingons on the map against a full five Feds and I don't have a problem with it. The matches are a bit more fun when there are fewer Klingons because it evens things out a bit more.

Most of the closest matches I have had the pleasure of being in are those with a smaller team of Klingons and a full team of Feds. It usually just turns into a route when there are five Klingons around, so the change of pace is appreciated.

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