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Archived Post 02-19-2010 07:12 PM

Character got stuck and phone support
My character got stuck again....I was on the Search for Truth...on a romulan space station and he just froze up again....everyone was fighting around me and I could call up a shield generator..etc but I couldn't move. I put in a bug ticket...waited 20 minutes....still not took me 45 minutes to get to that point in the game and I didn't want to abort....I called phone support....I am not lying...I was on hold for 1 hour and 10 minutes...when he answered....I told him I was stuck...frozen in time....he did something on his end and the next thing I know I WAS KICKED OFF THE SERVER and when I logged back in.....I WAS BACK ON MY SHIP AND I HAD TO DO THE SAME MISSION ALL OVER AGAIN.....JUST WHAT I DIDN'T WANT TO DO....SUPPORT IS TERRIBLE AND NOW I HAVE A LONG DISTANCE PHONE CHARGE ON TOP OF IT....THIS GAME WILL SURELY DIE....NO SUPPORT AT ALL...AND SUPPORT TEAM...UNAWARE OF PROBLEMS THAT WE PAYING CUSTOMERS ARE DEALING WITH....BY THE WAY....MY ONLINE TICKET....GM RESPONSE REQUIRED....HAS NOT BEEN ANSWERED YET....BACK TO ROMULAN SPACE AGAIN.:mad:

Archived Post 02-19-2010 07:24 PM

you know, forcing you out of the instance is pretty much the only way to get you unstuck when that kinda thing happens, if you can't move, chances are you've stumbled into a bug in the map, and if you couldn't walk out of it, chances are the GM couldn't move you out either. Don't blame the guy for helping you. You should have tried calling sooner if it was that important to you.

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