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Archived Post 02-20-2010 11:50 AM

Mirror Universe Uniforms: The Complete Set
Hello, a lot of people are complaining about the complete lack of a female mirror universe uniform. And they are right to do that. However, it evokes the false impression, that a female mirror universe uniform is the only thing that's missing, which is not true. So I will try to give a complete overview of what is missing and how easily it could be implemented in the game.,_Mirror.jpg

I'm sure everybody recognises the left one. Yes, that's the one we have right now. The only one. We have the tunic, the patch, the sash, the pants and the boots (the last two are pretty standard). For the right one that Kirk is wearing we would need the tunic that at the moment doesn't seem to be in the game. The rest is the same as for Spock, so it's already in the character creator.

Here we get a pretty good look at the standard uniform for male and female officers. For the male officers it's essentially the same as the TOS uniform. The only differences are the sash and the terran starfleet patch. Everything we need is in the character creator. The only problem is, that we are not allowed to put the terran starfleet patch on TOS uniforms.
For females the problem is a bit bigger. We have the mini-skirts and the knee-high boots in the character creator. There are only three things missing. The tank top, the terran starfleet patch and the sash.

The tank top and the sash seem at least to be in the game They should just be added to the character creator. That leaves the terran starfleet patch. I have no idea if females need a different version or if the male one could just be added to their options.

Archived Post 02-20-2010 12:01 PM

Kirk had kneehigh boots and tight pants.

As does Scottie in your second pic.

The list is as follows:
  • Female top and lowered sash for females
  • Kirk top (sleeveless gold)
  • Men's knee high boots (as mirror Kirk and Scottie wore)
  • "blueshirt" tops (as pictured behind your first pic, behind mirror Spock and Kirk - this wouldn't likely be a highly sought top and can likely be skipped)
  • Terran logo for TOS top (as per mirror Scottie & Bones)
  • Terran rank insignia (both seen easily on mirror Spock, Bones, and Scottie)
I know it wasn't promised, but I personally would like to see ISS designations and Terran logos available for the CU lifer's ships.

Incidentally, I'm hopeful that non-TOS MU gear becomes achievable in-game and in C-Store, but never TOS (or at least, never Spock TOS MU), I'd not have any issue with others getting Enterprise or later gen mirror gear or even ISS designations in a sensible in-game and C-Store manner, I just want to be recognizable for my unique rewards.

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