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A treatise on gameplay enhancements for STO
There is an awful lot of debate concerning a death penalty on theses forums, not to mention lack of game play and the like. Which is why I have created this thread.

Just a few ideas on combat

ITEMS. Players accrue items throughout waves of enemies.
There’s no reason to stop items giving the player a temporary bonus to a stat that the weapon would logically enhance throughout that particular episode.
Should the player find that they are defeated in a wave they lose the item and/or the temporary bonus they received for having it.

SURVIVING. As long as one player is left alive at the end of a wave (or perhaps the 'stage' of a particular episode) all of the defeated players are re-spawned for the next wave. As said previously players lose items they acquired throughout the episode up to that point.
Maybe players could also have a certain amount of lives during an episode, with their last life you can have the screen shaking, emergency sirens going off and escape shuttles popping out of the spaceship, all very exciting stuff if you ask me.

REPAIR. STO players with healing skills would receive points or some such for healing/repairing their team mates. Not only that these abilities could very well effect the teams chances of successfully accomplishing successive waves/stages and completing the episode.

LOSING. If all team members die in a wave the game is considered lost. Tthis would mean that the team would have to start all over again. Having achieved nothing for their time and effort other than having themselves a fun. Heart quickening and supposedly challenging time.

I for one find this style of game play VERY ADDICTIVE.

The following ideas are very much my own, I appreciate that they may well not be to everyone’s taste. Some tie in with the borrowed ideas from Killing Floor whereas others will be minor, little niggly things.

During space combat your vessel explodes if you are defeated in combat and of course re-spawns 15 seconds later.
For me this is a real immersion killer.
What I would like to see is ships mortally damaged, seemingly beyond repair.
I want to see warp engines ejecting plasma, shield projection points spewing out fluxes of energy and the like.
What I don’t want to see is ships being destroyed left right and centre.
Whilst the players ship would be a fractured hulk with all manner of flames erupting from it the ship would not explode, rather after a wave is completed we can assume the crew has managed to repair any major faults with the ship and it becomes usable again, Starting off at 1% for hull/shields and crew.
I would like to add this ties in nicely with the idea that ships re-spawn after waves are completed by surviving players.
To alleviate potential defeated player boredom (although I personally would be totally engrossed looking at my burning spaceship “Oooh, those flames are pretty”) you could have one of two things.
A camera that can be moved freely to allow the player to look at the ongoing battle, or perhaps the ship can launch a shuttle which the player controls.
He can then go and do those niggly little things like scanning anomalies and collecting items, or indeed go and help out in combat with his little shuttles 360 degree phaser until the wave is completed.

I get a little tired with planetary exploration. Go here, talk to this planet and drop off 10 things. Obviously more diplomacy and actual worlds to explore would be a nice touch. But sometimes I would like to play a little mini-game. Let’s say you go to a planet and long range scanners don’t work. So you need to take the shuttle down for a closer look.
There could be loads of possibilities for this! Let’s see… Entering a planets atmosphere, you would have visual effects of your shuttle leaving a stream behind it whilst entering the atmosphere, then you could find yourself flying over lush jungles, ancient cities or entirely new ones, scanning this and that whilst finding a suitable place to set your shuttle down to continue on foot. With things like this I honestly can’t believe it wasn’t in the game. Star Trek is full of it!
And if you had multiple players you could make a race of it, the first one to the finish line wins! i.e. first to make contact with the alien race, first to find the juicy anomaly, make it an actual game for people. Obviously the more people you play with the greater the reward for the player that is victorious, albeit with no actual combat! (Unless first contact goes sour…)

I’ve no real problems with it to be honest, it’s usable enough but I would like it if you could have a separate tab for your friends, with sub tabs for individual friends so that you could chat to them more easily.
I did have a go on Second Life for awhile and I think it handled chatting very well. If you were talking to someone privately their box would ‘flash’ each time they sent you a message making it very easy to reply to them promptly, or at least be aware that they are after you.
As it is the current private messaging is pretty appalling I feel, you get purple text that disappears within moments because of the general chatting that is going on. I can miss a message just by getting up to stretch my legs as it stands (no pun intended).

It would be nice if certain weapons and or consoles could give weapons a range boost. I don’t mind how it is with the 10km limit, but I think there would be a bit more variety in how space combat is handled. I mean things like more powerful weapons might require you to get closer, possibly a viable thing to do but would leave you open to more powerful attacks as well! I just feel it may help spice things up a bit more.

Thank you for taking the time to read the OP, if it has given you any thoughts or ideas to expand upon what is already here I would look forward to seeing what you have to say. It wouldn’t hurt to post something anyway, I want this thread on the front page long enough for a Cryptic team member to take notice of it and at least read the borrowed ideas.

I would like to add that I do enjoy STO, I just believe that the game could be so much better with just a bit of tweaking.

Kind regards,

Super Tennents


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Impressive wall of text... take out all the references to Killing floor and just include your ideas for changes - making it much shorter - and people may be more willing to read all of this and not just post:


but yes, I did read it...


EDIT: At first reading, I liked your death penalty idea, but after thinking about it for a few minutes I don't think it would really work. It offers far too much potential for one eejit to hang up an entire group in a DSE. As people die, you could expect that the remaining players would eventually die off until 1 player is left. This one player could easily just decide to fly out of the range of any enemies and hang the rest of the team out to dry - forcing them to quit the dse somehow to advance. But it is far more likely that as people do die, that the remaining players would understandably be less likely to take on the tougher groups, restricting their combat to the easier fighter swarms or single/small ship groups. Frankly, most people only die on the really tough groups out there. That could mean waiting a looong time to respawn. Not a lot of fun if you were the first person to go down. Plus during fleet actions, who really wants to wait for the remaining 19 people to die before your ship respawns.

Personally I would like to see them institute a death penalty in the form of an across the board reduction in everything. You die, and for the next few minutes your shields, engines, hull, weapon dmg, skills all work at a reduction of 10%. Die again, in that death penalty window the timer gets reset to full, and it goes to 20%. Eventually you'd get to a penalty that would make you pretty ineffectual in combat. This would, I think, effectively stop players from simply trying to zerg rush everything. And even if playing a solo mission, most of them have a safe spawn point so that you could 'sit out' while the penalty expires - and just that inactivity for 3-5 minutes would probably be enough to provide a meaningful penalty.

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Thank's for the advice, I've taken it.

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