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Archived Post 02-24-2010 12:31 PM

Bridge Officer 4th skill
Okay, so... I got this spiffy Very Rare human bridge officer as a levelling up reward. Cool. I hire him on. It seems he's missing his fourth ground skill. Hmm. No matter, I'll go train him in a fourth. Huh, it won't let me, and gives an error when I try. Interesting. Okay, I open a ticket. 6 days later:

"I have a human bridge officer who is missing their 4th ground skill. I cannot train him in a 4th skill.

We have reviewed the game play issue you described and have confirmed that it is working correctly. To better ensure that all players have an equal and fair playing experience, we do not provide information on actual game play or hints regarding missions. Furthermore, you may be able to find assistance with similar questions by seeking out the assistance of other players in game or visiting the official forums which can be reached through the Community link at the top of the launcher. Thank you for playing! "

Oh, and my bridge officer is gone.

Okay, so, I'm doing as it says, and posting on the forums.

What gives? Why was my bridge officer deleted? He had like, Superior Teamwork or something else mostly useless. So, it's not a huge loss, and already replaced, since I wasn't using him anyway. However, I'm curious as to what actually heppened here. It sounds like I'm being accused of exploiting or something. If I'm being accused of something, I'd like to hear what it is, instead of a vague cryptic (okay, not a funny pun) response and a deleted bridge officer. If there's an exploit going on there, it certainly wasn't to my benefit, and I have no idea what it was.

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