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Archived Post 02-24-2010 01:32 PM

why ground combat is boring and terrible
all you have to do is stand up in one place and trade shots by spamming whatever your hot keys are.

sure you could add in the expose exploit thing. which just requires you to be on the ball to vaporize someone when they become exposed. but you still stand up trading shots.

most of the game and especially now that I Have all the best equipment, my shields or my health are never in danger and neither are my bridge officers, so i dont have to seek cover. ever. i just stand in the open and shoot as much as possible, as quickly as possible, hoping to end the boring combat so i can move on the mission or finish it.

its just a chore.

i dont know why cryptic, would make combat so ****** when its not even massive and therefore lag is not a factor. they should have made it a nice third person thing like mass effect 3. or something like elite force, where you use the mouse with your wasd keys, and not stupid spam space bar or spam 1-2-3- to fire....

because the sound graphics and stuff is pretty good and the animations, its just the implementation that sucks.

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