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Text based STO...
You awake slowly. Your vision begins to slowly come back as you see what looks like a human in front of you. You hear this person ask you, "Ensign can you hear me?"
"Yes," you reply.

The person is aparently a female human who has scars on her lleft temple and burns on her uniform. You remember theat just before you fell unconcious the Borg had attacked ouf of nowhere.

"Are shields are at 29% Captian," a Lt Commander Enginner states.

The human female you now remember is Lt Commander Naski the ships doctor. As she is treating you and checking your symptoms you look at the screen and see 2 giant Borg cubes. One appears badly damaged, while the other seems untouched. There also appear to be no other Federation ships helping out at the moment.

Captain Worf looks wild eyed and intent on vicotry at all costs. "Perhaps today is a good day to die!"

"Sir we do have a new experimental deflector dish that could drain energy from their shields, but I offer no guarantees," Engineer Sprak mentions after desperately looking for a solution.

"If you think it won't put us in any danger Commander Sprak then do it!"


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"Well ****, one heck of a first day of work."

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