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Archived Post 02-28-2010 02:59 PM

Is it easier to level up now compared to beta?
Hello all,

I was just wondering something that could use some community opinions. As a beta player I found it very hard to level up as the XP for finishing missions was just tiny. I gave up at level 6 after spending a week playing. Now the game is post release, do you think it's easier to level up now compared to before?

Archived Post 02-28-2010 03:01 PM

In the event this is a serious question and not trolling (most of us think you level too fast in this game), AFAIK it's the same, and might even be a little slower even since I 'm pretty sure if you do a mission higher than your current rank, the XP scales down a bit.

Archived Post 02-28-2010 03:08 PM

Thanks for your thoughts (it is a serious question, not trolling) the reason I ask is I spent a LOT of time playing the beta to almost addicted level. Not being able to try a bigger ship lead to my loss of interest but im back again and willing to give it another go. I'm just hoping that I can finally have a nice Voyager or Defiant ship, and after a few months take on a borg cube etc.

If anyone else has any thoughts also please do let me know, I'm redownloading the client at 43%, 126KB/s so have plenty of time to talk!

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