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The Shadows is Recruiting
We aren't like the other fleets, but believe we are truly different. We believe we can be better, not necessarily in numbers, in promotions, or in medals, but in what we believe in: Our core, Our foundation. If all you seek is to enjoy the game with other mature people, without worrying about academies, ranks, or trade pacts, everything we have to offer including our philosophies, our motto, and our structure can be found at our website >>

The Shadows

If the Klingon side of battle is more suited to your talents, we have a fleet setup for that...Anla-shok.

The Shadows

Our founders wanted to outline some basic core values to which they want the fleet, including themselves, to adhere:
  1. We are a group of mature people. We do expect everyone to be civil and treat each other with a level of respect.
  2. This fleet is intended to be very relaxed and accommodating to its player base. We intend to keep things simple (the KISS principle).
  3. Member suggestions are encouraged and valued. This fleet belongs to us all, so please speak up if you need something.
  4. We don't intend to become the largest fleet ever. However, we do want to be large enough that there are always enough (5+) members playing so they can play as a group.
  5. This fleet will NEVER ask you to pay a "guild fee" or tax. Occasionally, we may solicit donations or perhaps hold various fundraisers to pay for fleet things (like bank tabs). However, if a member is either unable to, or unwilling to, contribute in this way, that is completely acceptable. Frankly, we won't force you to do anything you do not want to do of your own accord.
  6. Real-life is considered more important than game-life. Take care of yourself. You won't be removed due to inactivity.
  7. Most important, have fun.

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"It doesn't matter that we may or may not exist, what matters is that we strive for the perfection and the salvation of our people and that we have never wavered or lost faith." Essanance

We stand in the dark places where others will not go, we ride upon the edge of the blade of darkness, we protect what is most important by letting our light illuminate all the dark places we tread. We go where the Federation needs the best and are those who will go anywhere and do whatever it takes to protect and preserve the Federation.

"We walk in the dark places no others will enter. We stand on the bridge and no one may pass. We live for the One, we die for the One"

The Shadows

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Indeed. We are The Shadows. A relaxed, casual guild intending to do everything possible in this game. No overly complex structure, just a group of people out to enjoy the game. Check us out.

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"Emotional, isn't she?" -- Spock
"She has always been so." -- Sarek
"Indeed. Why did you marry her?" -- Spock
"It seemed the logical thing to do at the time." -- Sarek
(Journey To Babel)

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"Please, Spock, do me a favor ... 'n' don't say it's `fascinating'..." -- Dr. McCoy
"No... but it is... interesting..." -- Spock
(The Ultimate Computer)

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