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Ask Cryptic (January 7, 2009)
Our first Ask Cryptic of 2009 brings you answers about art, ship capabilities, and more. Thanks as always to our development team for taking the time to answer these questions!

This is a universe at war, so combat will be a major factor, but there will also be a large component of exploration. You will get to meet new species, some of which youíll fight against, some of which youíll protect, and some of which youíll ally with. There wonít be extensive dialogue trees, but youíll get to explore and have missions that donít involve just clobbering everybody.

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lol awesome

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Thanks for the more info.

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The answer here is yes and no. Youíll start with a Tier 1 ship and you can certainly upgrade it and trick it out so that itís comparable to a mid-level Tier 2 ship. However, a top of the line Tier 2 ship is going to be much better than even the most tricked out Tier 1. It has to do with growth capacity. Thereís just more room for growth built into the higher tier ships. Of course, your skills and the skills of your bridge crew also affect how much you can do with your ship.
However, you do get to keep your ships. So, if you find yourself in a situation where an earlier ship would be more useful, you can switch back to it for that encounter. For example, you might want to shift back to a smaller and more maneuverable ship for running a blockade.
So I guess we will be keeping our past ships when we upgrade.

PS Yay my question.

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Very nice, thanks!

I especially liked the bit about being able to keep our ships for specific purposes :D

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One word: Yay!

Good to see you guys are back at work.

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I am really liking the idea of not losing all the work done on a previous ship when upgrading to another ship, being able to still use the older ship when desired, excellent.

It might feel a bit like being an admiral putting his flag on the ship he needs at the moment, or something. Details can be worked on, I'm just pleased with not having to say goodbye to a faithful ship that served me well completely.

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Originally Posted by cv_coco (Post 315920)
Very nice, thanks!

I especially liked the bit about being able to keep our ships for specific purposes :D

It does raise another question. How will naming work? Will my next ship have a new name or will it be USS Myship, USS Myship A etc.?

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WE GET TO KEEP OUR SHIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I apologize for the excessive use of capital letters and the exclamation point, but that truly expresses my joy of reading that we get to keep all of our ships.

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Hey hey!
:DThis is some pretty good news! I'm glad that they took the seeding idea into consideration!!!

If I had any better ideas i'd throw them out there, but I know the game is going to be great without my blusterous mouth.

About them there polls you have going on Its so HARD to choose one. Frankly without all the Captains Star Trek wouldn't have such a colorful reputation!!

I almost can't vote because I liked all the shows!:p

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