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The Encroaching Shadow - Take 3 (Shadow Fleet RP [OOC/Signup Thread])
Hello there, everyone!! :D

A couple of months ago, I tried doing a restart on my first major RP, known as "The Encroaching Shadow". However, Open Beta and then the STO Launch sorta screwed things up, and that attempt died out. :(

However, I am now trying again, and this time I am making several changes--the first being that this is now a Shadow-Fleet Exclusive RP (I made this change partly because I joined Shadow Fleet myself a few days ago).

Here's the new setup, with a few adjustments to accomodate my changes to this RP:

Premise: One month has passed since Klingon Warships attacked the Civilian Passenger Liner Repercussion (This event is detailed in my Fanfic, "Flashpoint - The Events that lead to War", which I am now in the process of revising). Tensions between the Federation and the Klingon Empire have begun spiraling downwards since then, especially with the revelation that Ameena Leffeld, daughter of a Federation Councilman, had been a passenger on the Repercussion and had been assassinated using a Klingon Dagger during the attack. Councilman Leffeld has begun calling for war with the Klingons, seeking revenge for the death of his only daughter.
However, there is a very distinct possibility that Miss Leffeld was not assassinated by the Klingons themselves, but by someone who wants the Federation to think that the Klingons were behind her assassination. Investigating that possibility is Section 31 Special Operative Tieria Erde, requested to do so by a Starfleet Captain who had answered the Repercussion's Distress Call. Tieria's search leads him to the Arcus System (a system within the Triangle which is close to where the Klingon and Romulan borders meet), where he detects unusual power signatures coming from the fourth planet in the system. Sharing his findings with his Section 31 Superiors, Tieria is ordered to investigate, but to gather a small Task Force from Shadow Fleet to assist him. Using Starbase 234 (the closest Federation Outpost to the Arcus System) as the Rally Point, Tieria has sent out an anonymous message over Shadow Fleet's Priority Channel for any Shadow Fleet Vessels otherwise unoccupied to gather there......

Type of RP: This will be a Shadow-Fleet-Only, PvE RP. The GM will control the primary villains, known as the Shadow-Mirrors.

Dramatis Personae:
GM: The GM will control the Storyline Events. I'll take this role myself, but the only way I will dictate combat is to introduce any enemy ships. I'll also designate a sub-GM for any segments I won't be able to deal with.

Section 31 Special Operative Tieria Erde: Human Male, Age Unknown. This will be my Primary Character for this RP. Tasked with the investigation into Miss Leffeld's death, the results of that investigation so far have caused him to request any and all otherwise unoccupied Shadow Fleet Vessels to gather at Starbase 234, on the edge of the Triangle Region of Space.

Captain Alexander "Alex" Yamato: Human Male, Age 24. This is my STO Main, and is the one who first asked Tieria to investigate Miss Leffeld's death. Alex will be joining the action on his ship, the Vigilant-Class Tactical Escort Vessel Tempest.

Starfleet Captains: I'm going to want 4 other Starfleet Captains from Shadow Fleet to join Tieria and Alex in their investigation. Feel free to use your best characters if you want to join me. At least one of those Captains should be female to provide Tieria with a possible Love Interest.

I'm expecting my friend Teejo08 to join up again, and I also hope that Wildfire30 also joins again. That leaves two other slots for Shadow Fleet Members for the initial action, but I will admit that other Shadow Fleet Members can join for the debriefing once we return from the mission. If you're a part of Shadow Fleet, and want to join, please post here.

I will also set up an official Soundtrack Thread for us, so we can treat this like a Star Trek Movie without the visuals.

I look forward to seeing my fellow Shadow Fleet Members here!!! :D:cool:

EDIT: One last note about your characters--please use ships that exist in STO and are appropriate for your character's Rank. I don't want to see people using Sovereign-X vessels, and I don't want to see a Commander in charge of a Prometheus.

EDIT 2: Soundtrack Thread is now up. Here's the URL:

EDIT 3/3/2010: I guess I can open the thread up beyond Shadow Fleet, but there are a few conditions non-Shadow-Fleet-members will have to meet first.
1. Read A Beginner's Guide to RP and make sure you understand it--it has some very good tips for being a good RPer.

2. Show me what you can do. Using the tips from the guide, do two simple story posts with your primary RPing character--one in an ordinary situation, the other in a combat situation--and send those posts to me in a PM. I'll look over it, and if I like what I see, I'll give you permission to enter.
EDIT 3/4/2010: I've decided it might be good to start sending out invitations to select individuals, because I'm not receiving as many requests to join as I want. I've already sent the first invitation to Ravenstein, and more will follow tomorrow.

EDIT 3/7/2010: The RP Thread is now up, and the link can be found here.

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Here i am! Rock you like a Hurricane! Ok thats enough of guitar hero...

I'm here Kira, ready to go!

Captain Thomas Reid USS Epsom NCC 99938 Emissary Class Star Cruiser - Epsom variant

Archived Post 03-02-2010 04:16 PM

Glad to have you aboard, Teej!! :D

Now to see who else from the fleet joins in. :D:cool:

Archived Post 03-02-2010 04:18 PM

I was with you until right here:

Originally Posted by KiraYamato
[color="DeepSkyBlue"]the first being that this is now a Shadow-Fleet Exclusive RP

Which wasn't very far into the block at all.

This makes Ravenstein a sad evil overlord...

Archived Post 03-02-2010 04:29 PM


Originally Posted by Ravenstein (Post 2281335)
I was with you until right here:

Which wasn't very far into the block at all.

This makes Ravenstein a sad evil overlord...

Sorry about that, Ravenstein. :(

I guess I limited it to Shadow Fleet only this time because I've had a few experiences with people whose RPing skills left much to be desired, but Shadow Fleet doesn't seem like that so far.

I guess I can make an exception if you can read through This RP Guide and understand it--it provides plenty of tips for being a good play-by-post RPer. :D:cool:

Archived Post 03-02-2010 05:06 PM

That sounds very fun and interesting. A LARP over the computer. I'd be curious to hear about the highlights and how it turned out. Keep us posted!

Archived Post 03-02-2010 05:11 PM


Originally Posted by MightyGodzilla (Post 2281671)
That sounds very fun and interesting. A LARP over the computer. I'd be curious to hear about the highlights and how it turned out. Keep us posted!

Once I get the actual RP up and running, I'll provide a link on this thread so you can find it and read it. :D:cool:

Archived Post 03-03-2010 09:10 AM

I'm probably going to start this thing in the next week or two. Once the story starts, I'll still accept entries until we leave Starbase 234. :D:cool:

Archived Post 03-03-2010 08:59 PM

OK, I'm starting to wonder where all the other Shadow Fleet Members are. :(

If, by Friday, I haven't gotten any more entries aside from Teej, I'm going to start passing out formal invites. Since Ravenstein seemed interested in the story, she'll probably receive one of the first invites. Heck, I might simply invite her anyway!! :D:cool:

Archived Post 03-04-2010 01:07 PM

OK, the current list of RP Participants is as follows:
KiraYamato (myself)
We still need two more entries for the initial group, and I'll want to include even more people for the debriefing after the mission. Still, I think we have enough to start the RP on either Saturday or Sunday. :D

I look forward to more entries. :D:cool:

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