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Archived Post 03-05-2010 04:30 AM

Campaign for coordinated KDF PuGs....
Its simple, all KDF players should have both Ventrilo and Teamspeak installed on their computer. You never know which one will be available for team voice comms.

For instance, I always have TeamSpeak3 running, :10027. Its always on(yes, always) and Im always annoucing it in PvP so it can be utilized.

Some people likly have big servers, mine is small(only 10 at a time) with two channels...but you cant participate in voice comms if you dont have the get them all, you never know which one will be available for any given match.

Mine is open to all Klingon PuGs, just feel free to make yourselves at home on it.

Archived Post 03-05-2010 07:14 AM

Coordinated pugs =) That's an oxymoron.

This sounds like something to tackle with a fleet, my man.

Archived Post 03-05-2010 12:25 PM

If someone really wants to get motivated over this, they could fire up a community Vent server and try to take (and track) donations to keep it running.

I use and its been reliable. You can get a 100 person server for $30/month. Basically 30 cents per month per seat.

I am unmotivated to do this and have my own server anyway, I'm just sayin', if I were a motivated puggie with disposable income, I'd try something like that.

Any small guild should have a Vent server though. NationVoice charges $4/month for a 10-seat server. Have everyone in your guild buy you a beer and they're covered for the year. There may even be cheaper providers out there; that's just the one I've been using for the last couple years.

Archived Post 03-05-2010 12:35 PM

I would suggest moving to Skype

Free "servers" so to speak. Although it does not use a server in the same sense of Ventrillo.

And the client is free aswell

Beyond that the clarity and ease is 100x that of Ventrillo. You don't have to "log in" to a Skype server. If you're online and have Skype turned on, it's visible to anyone on your list. It's as simple as calling them.

You can setup call groups that conference multiple people and dial them simeltaneously. Adding others to a call is as simple as the call originator dialing them

And again, it's free to anyone useing it. Only cost is in upgrading if you want to use Skype to replace your phone

Archived Post 03-05-2010 02:06 PM

Vent is free, too, only one that has to pay for it is the one w/the server. you dont have to pay for it to be able to use it.

but, Skype-vent-teamspeak-somthing, anything, really. voice communication is just soooooooooo much easier than typing out all the instructions given during an instance (or 'STF') and just makes things smoother, speeds the whole process up.

Archived Post 03-05-2010 02:12 PM


Originally Posted by Meat_Machine
Coordinated pugs =) That's an oxymoron.

This sounds like something to tackle with a fleet, my man.

Well thats the thing, Im a busy man. Life allows me limited time to play...Fleets are tough for me to do because Im unable to maintain the connection. There are like me, others who just dont like Fleets...but they like coordinated play.

So this is an option for them. In fact, I created a PuG fleet...a Ghost Fleet of sorts( It explains the objectives of the "unsanctioned" Fleet and how to contact "us" to participate...basically the TS3 Server.

Essentially, its there for any group to use, anytime.

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