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Archived Post 03-06-2010 07:01 AM

Cryptic do you not have any QA people onsite?
Do you NOT test the patch before you push it out? Do you not give your QA people time to test a patch before we see it? Do you even have any QA people?

We saw this in Champions and as we see it now. Issues that are blatant in game play, and yet you still push out the patches?

I am not going to list bugs/issueshere I am seeing because I am not getting paid by you to do so, in fact I am paying you to play this game am I not?

Pay me to be a QA and I will start reporting issues/bugs.

This is pi$$ poor product management on your guys part. Or your QA people are complete morons if there are any.

Archived Post 03-06-2010 07:53 AM

You sir need to get a cooldown.. really badly.

Do you think someone takes you serious if you post threads like this one? You don't report bugs but expect them to be fixed?

What is the website of your MMO that runs absolutely bug free from day 1 which you QA-ed yourself throughly? I am willing to pay you 30$ a month to play your game.. so come on. show us your supremacy and let us bathe in your perfection.

You are nothing but a cocky person.

You seriously can't expect to have no bugs in an MMO..
Have you ever heard that people who know what they are testing don't make things break? I forgot how it's called.. but if you are a programmer and programm a game, you test it and it runs perfectly flawless.. now someone who has never seen the program tries it, does something unexpected and it breaks..

Same for STO.. the developers and QA test a product that they know.. they how how things should work and they do flawlessly.. Then it goes live, the "stupid customer" who is new to the feature tries it.. does something the program doesn't expect.. and it breaks....
Now this is not bad because now the customer can report what he did to cause this and the developer can fix the possibility of this happening..

... and then comes people like you who don't want to report things and they stay broken.

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