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Doom review backfires
Quick explanation of what happened...

The error involves an article on hinting the demise of Anarchy Online by claiming Funcom have stopped work to convert AO over to it's new engine. The writer of the article finishes off his rant by saying...


“Anarchy Online will always be remembered fondly by players who stuck with the game through its troubled start...”
Only problem is... it's complete rubbish. The work never stopped on the conversion to the new engine. Not only that, but it's near the end stage of work, and has had heavy updates about the project on the official AO/Funcom site and forums. *facepalm*

He is then forced to correct himself by posting on the forums, but fails to update his original article.
The game director for AO (or someone posing as him) comes onto the forum, simply quotes his apologetic post and replies … “Fail” lol! :p

While this could be anyone, it wouldn't be out of character for Means to do this. :cool:

He also makes the mistake of rehashing the one million user comment about STO, which causes a few people to flare up...

The AO and STO issues start at the last post on the first page. Here is the link:-
(His apology and the comment by Means are on page 2.)

This is a post on the Anarchy Online forum lol'n over the article.

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lol wut???

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Originally Posted by Cryptic_Fan_101 (Post 2318784)
lol wut???

My thoughts exactly.

TBH, I always considered to be nothing more than just a blog on the current state of MMO's, and the community that hangs out there does nothing but support this line of thought. If any game isn't absolutely perfect, almost every member of the community over there just tears it apart. They've done it on every game that's come out since the site started.

Archived Post 03-06-2010 08:45 PM is where jaded, broken dreamers go to cry.

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Originally Posted by jedidethfreak (Post 2318801)
If any game isn't absolutely perfect, almost every member of the community over there just tears it apart.

I agree, it's an awful site. However in this case with AO, it's the other way around.
This is one of those rare moments when the community defends the game and shouts at the writer for being a doomsayer.

The comments about STO on the other hand... are negative.

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