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Archived Post 03-06-2010 09:49 PM

Ground Combat UI issues
These have been long standing problems that I think are the heart of most complains about how ground combat feels "clumsy" --
  • We should never shoot things that are behind us. Picture this:


-> is the camera
A is an enemy behind your character ("@") but in front of the camera
B is an enemy in front of you a bit further away

If you fire, the autotarget will pick up "the nearest enemy in front of the camera", which is "A", instead of what you would expect, which is "B".
  • Autotarget should pick up players before deployables. Picture this:

@ is you
A is a deployable
B is an enemy player

If you fire without a target, you'll hit B. I'm calling this a bug for sure because there is an option to never autotarget deployables, but it doesn't work (at least not in PvP -- not sure about PvE). Actually even is A is a player and B is a deployable, it likes to target deployables first.
  • Never face off-screen targets should be on by default.

I don't know anyone who likes this option on the default setting, which can cause your character to make unpredictable facing maneuvers during combat. I often wonder how many people hate that and don't realize they can turn it off.
  • Fix the 10 second hold-on-expose.

If this isn't a bug, it should be. Currently, any attack that exposes you will also put a 10 second hold on you. That hold HAS to get removed. It's the biggest complaint I know of about ground PvP.

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