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Archived Post 03-07-2010 09:52 AM

The Klingon Anthem! Hear sons of Kah'less!
Hehe. I enjoyed it at least.

Archived Post 03-07-2010 01:53 PM

Nobody liked it? :sadface:

Archived Post 03-07-2010 02:51 PM

I've checked out before. A bit of moto if there's a cutscene of a Klingon crew singing it before a major battle.

That clip is from an old game, IIRC. But here's another version from a DS9 episode, with Martok in on the fun.

And the good 'ol Klingon Theme from TMP.

I really wish Cryptic had put in more Klingon themes for... you know... the Klingon faction. UI appearances as well as music. Simply changing the UI color from Fed Blue to Red doesn't make it Klingon.

Archived Post 03-08-2010 06:14 AM

I'll be honest...I'm pretty put off by the "terrible" representation Klingons get from scenes like that. I envision these big proud battle hardened warriors as sounding like the Red Army choir when ripping out a boisterous tune. These guys just sound like sniveling teenagers...seriously these guys are very big baritone-esque Apparently they can't carry a tune after thousands of years of singing about glory.

Archived Post 03-08-2010 07:07 AM

This is whats playing in all Klingon PvPers' ships when they charge into the fedball....

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