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Archived Post 03-07-2010 10:41 AM

The Knights Order-TKO- (PvP with Vent)
Looking for Vent users!!!!!!!

PvP oriented. (PvE as more becomes available or as more members become interested)

We are looking for:
  • Hard Core gamers as well as casual gamers. (but must be high quality players regardless of your playstyle)
  • All ranks welcome.

We offer:
  • Vent!!!!
  • Website with Forrums
  • Need before greed attitude and open Fleet bank (we want to help you any way we can but you must be willing to help the fleet in return).
  • Open Strategy discusions (your input and feedback welcome).
  • Serious but fun atmospher.

Contact us in game @:


If you send ingame mail please put Fleet Ap. in subject we know its not credit spammers.


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