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Archived Post 03-07-2010 12:47 PM

Very upset and need DEV or GM help
I had an item go "missing". Just after the 3-4-10 patch, I logged into the game to play Infected. When I beamed down to the starbase with my team, I encountered that high lag long loading screen where I got the "Game will run at reduced textures" notice. When I beamed down I noticed that pressing Z wasn't switching my weapons, so I checked my inventory and saw that my Antiproton Split Beam Mk X turned into a second Antiproton Stun Pistol Mk X. Now I have TWO antiproton stun pistols, and my split beam is GONE. This is the weapon I bought with my exploration daily missions and the PRIMARY weapon I use on the ground. Does this affect gameplay? YES. I should either be reimbursed the item or the badges.

I CANNOT get a GM to help me AT ALL as they say it is a bug and that I will have to wait until the bug team fixes it. I have submitted two GM tickets without help. I CANNOT get the bug team to help me, I have submitted two bug reports and they tell me that a GM is the only person that can assist with individual cases of missing items.

This problem needs to be addressed quickly.

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Are the 7 points for the weapon really worth all your upset?
If you would have lost a shield for 42 points I could understand you but 7 points are simply not worth to write 2 tickets and this thread.

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I believe this is a known bug. If it is the bug I recall they have no way to prove that you had said item so there will be no replacement. I am sure this issues was discussed elsewhere in this section.

Archived Post 03-08-2010 08:32 AM

I'll tell you why it's important. The next time it happens, with the weapon I buy using raid medals, or with the weapon that drops from a raid boss that I win the NEED roll on, and nothing is done about it, I'm done. I consider items vanishing a major bug. That is why I am saying they need to work on fixing this now, sooner rather than later.

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I understand your frustration. It is just a game.

Archived Post 03-08-2010 09:28 AM

I have yet to see a GM respond in-game :D I hear rumours that they occasionally do, but none of my in-game petitions have ever been replied to in-game (one was 'helpfully' refiled as a bug).

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