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Archived Post 03-07-2010 01:21 PM

missing mk x equipment on klingon vendors
I already made bug reports, but still this is not fixed:
Lieutenant Vecno on Ganalda does not sell mk x shields and engines for pvp medals, even if she should (instead she offers the same mk x consoles like Hekouk).
And some of the mk x tactical kits from Letowch on Ganalda cost 109 badges of exploration (what are not even available for klingons) instead 163 medals of excellence like all the other mk x kits.

This is very annoying, since well known since beta, but obviously not on the priority list of things to fix.

So what are our options? Do the dailies (that alas to another bug are not available daily sometimes) and get the epic kit, engines and shields? Or run/fly around in mk viii stuff at max level? Not cool.

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