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RA's: 1 Fun thing you may not have thought of.
1.) Use Alt-F12 to drop the hud. Handily, this leaves only your transparent current shield strength, otherwise its much more imersive as a space battle in a movie (from bridge would be more imersive as a Captain).

Just enter explorations, share old episodes from up and comers, and play some battles with your hud's eyes closed, put to music like the First Contact soundtrack as I take my Sovereign against a cube. Also in terms of making it tougher but more fun, i mapped my front three weps to insert-home-pageup and rear three weps (on a recon sci) to Del-End-PageDown, like a corresponding grid above my directions keys (left-handed) and so instead of spamming the keys, if you are fighting weaker enemies for the feel of it, you can conserve your weapons, fire on phaser here, both there, hold off on transphasic for just the right moment, more intricate than fire all weps spams.


Archived Post 03-09-2010 03:24 PM

And before the haters start, I realize we shouldn't have o do our own content, i'm just making the best of a content-dry period.

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