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Crowd Control is out of Control, in this game.
The CC in this game, in space and on the ground is just nuts. I've never seen a game with more CC in it than this one, and I've played nearly every major mmo that isn't native to Korea or Japan.

The sad thing is, the truly sad thing, is that somehow Cryptic seems to think that having the game based on Crowd Control is the way it should be, with the battles on the ground or in space being dictated by who has CC and who uses it faster. This is exactly what happens, is it not? Isn't it a fact that there are more sci officers every single day to the point where I would bet they are the most prevalent? (I refuse to level the one I made in Head Start, just in hopes that somehow they'll get toned way down). The old adage of "if you can't beat'em join'em" has been liberally applied here by the player base, which is why I have been in pvp battles in space in which the Federation side was ALL sci vessels with sci officers (I'm sure it is now happening on the Klingon side too).

Cryptic has heard it in these forums over and over about SNB, VM, and all the various holds on the ground.

SNB has no defense against it at all. VM is literally spammed (I've had one guy hit me with 3 VM) even while we're supposed to have "near immunity" after the first one. On the ground, there are probably a dozen ways a sci officer can hold you (engineers too but not as much), and since there is no difference between a root, hold or stun, it's the same thing. We still can't fight, there is no way to break it or clear it, and he who gets it to stick first wins.

Why the Devs think this is fun or takes skill is beyond me. When a Klingon BoP pops out of cloak, hits you with SNB and then VM, you are dead, period. There is nothing you can do about it, there is no defense against it, period. The Devs know about it, and yet they do NOTHING. The only difference with a Fed sci ship doing the same thing is that they aren't cloaked. (And yes, I primarily play Klingons)

I'm not privy to the priorities the Devs have as far as what they are going to put out, create, or fix. I have hopes that somebody at Cryptic will see that they have overdone Crowd Control abilities in space and on the ground by a country mile. I'm still working on the promise I made to myself with this game, that I would be patient and wait to see what will be fixed (whereas in past mmos I got sick of broken things fast). However, everybody including Gandhi and Buddha has a limit to their patience.

Cryptic, it's not fun being cc'd to death with no means to fight it. There's too much of it. I left my favorite game of all time, Dark Age of Camelot (and so did many others) for about a year and a half until Mythic got the point and put in diminishing returns and further adjusted the CC. And the CC at that time in **** was nowhere NEAR as bad as it is in this game. Please tone it way down and fix it.

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WAR had more Crowd Control. Still has afaik. But yes they need to tone down subnucleonic beam and Viral Matrix.

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Gotta agree, aside from the lack of Klingon opponents at Admiral level for PVP, there's really not much motivation to wait in line for an hour or two just to get held and vaporized in a few seconds every time I run into a Science officer.

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I'd love to see a game that has no Crowd Contol or limited to things like snares, blind, daze..etc - basically abilities that remove control of the character are simply not fun.

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WAR changed its crowd control so that stuns break when you take damage.

not like this game, where you get stunned and never regain control of your character before dying.


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It sure is. Crowd control abilities, especially holding, need some balancing or diminishing returns.

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Oh man, I remember the bad old days of AE Stun/Mez spam in ****. Pac healers were the worst. It made PvP a pain for a long time, and I LOVED PvP in that game. I was in a relic raid one time where the entire raid on auto-follow got nuked down by three Pac healers spamming AE stun with two Sup SMs spamming PBAE. It's not nearly as bad now, but that game is slowly dying now. It's sad because it still has some of the best PvP around.

You're right that CC is getting pretty out of control in this game. It's not quite to the level of old school ****, but it's pretty close. If they simply added a counter to SNB and fixed the immunity timers it would really help. I have three T5 Captains, Tactical and Engineering on Fed side, and Science on Klingon. I usually reserve my SNB pwnage for Science ships that do it to me first, but it really shouldn't be happening at all. Here's hoping they don't take years to fix it like Mythic did.

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Pirates of the Burning Sea pvp/game mechanics are what the devs should have looked at instead of these other fantasy games, I mean in POTBS the mechanics are simple, pvp fights are drawn out, strategic navel battles just like Star Trek should be.

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Cryptic really ruined STO with all these high level abilities and trying to pass this off as Star Trek. Well Cryptic, hate to tell you, but it's not!

Everyone agrees that the best PvP in both Space and Ground is Tier 2. And why? Because it's not dependant on Special Abilities.

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Originally Posted by greeneblitz (Post 2344771)
pvp fights are drawn out, strategic navel battles just like Star Trek should be.

No they shouldn't, ship engagements in star trek are very very quick. Look at the mass battles during the Dominion war in DS9 ships getting one shotted etc etc. Or perhaps Borg cutting a ship in half with a energy weapon in one go.

What about everyone dying from a single max setting phaser hit?

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