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Names of ships and Fleets
Hey everybody just wanted to get the names of ships and fleets on here..... and possibly a meaning for those names for the people who don't understand...... any takers?

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Current ship for my Rear Admiral is the USS Titania
USS Titania - Titania is the Queen of the Fairies in Gaelic lore, immortalized in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Past ships have been:
USS Orpheus - Famed musician of Greek myth. After his love Eurypides died he traveled the world singing his laments. His sorrow touched even Hades, who permitted Eurypides to return to world of the living on the condition that Orpheus would not look behind him as he exited the Land of the Dead. Nearly at the exit, Orpheus looked behind him to make sure Eurypides was following. As a result of Eurypides was cast back to the Land of the Dead.

USS Kikuri-Hime - Goddess of Japanese myth, daughter of Izanami and Izanagi. Mediated disputes between the two.

USS Pallas Athena - Greek goddess of strategy, wisdom, and weaving. Was the patron goddess of Athens.

USS Eligor - One of the 72 Daemons of the Goetia and a Duke of Hell. He is the master of honorable warfare, chivalry, kings, and nobility. He discover secrets and hidden knowledge as well as foretell the outcome of battles and wars. He is a large man clad in heavy armor wielding a lance, often riding a dragon or large charger.

USS Decarabia - Another Daemon of the Goetia, Decarabia knows the value and properties of all gems and can communicate with animals. He is depicted as a star, but can take human form.

USS Pyro Jack - Irish farmer who convinced the Devil to not take him to Hell. However because of his sinful was denied entry to Heaven. As a result he wanders the Earth as a flaming pumpkin, carrying a lantern, guiding heroes in their quests in hopes of one day gaining entry to Heaven to atone for his sins. The origin of the Halloween tradition of Jack-o-Lanterns.

USS Chernobog - Slavic god of the moon and death. Powerful and mysterious yet rarely malevolent. He is often joined with his brother Bielobog, the god of the sun and life.

USS Parvati - Major Indian Goddess of Beauty and Love, bride of Shiva and mother to Vishnu and Ganesha.

Besides being mythological figures, what do all of these names have in common?

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The U.S.S Spirit of Mayard - Miranda Class
Ingame - The first Starfleet ship crewed by Mayardians
RL - Mayard is a planet of my own creation with a story to match. I planned this from the beginning,

The U.S.S Divine Spear
Ingame - Just a random name for the the escort Takurai Captained.
RL - I wanted to think of a cool name, and it's Shinshou from Bleach Translated

The U.S.S Silver/Silver A
A very dear friend of mine...

The U.S.S Indignation-A
Ingame - The name of the Ship Takurai was on when Mayard and Starfleet first fought together
RL- Only In Video

The U.S.S Shun Shun Rikka
Ingame - Named by Astarielle
RL - six flowers of the shielded hibiscus, the name of Orihime Inoues Power in Bleach

The U.S.S Miracle
Ingame (Not yet created) - Astarielles first command, named in homage to several "Miracles" in her life
RL - This video You wanted to be gods, then BE GODS! I need a Miracle, Bajor needs a Miracle!

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Originally Posted by Ravenstein (Post 2349273)
Current ship for my Rear Admiral is the USS Titania
Past ships have been:
USS Orpheus - Famed musician of Greek myth. After his love Eurypides (...)

Sssssht... Orpheus' lover was Eurydike (which is the name of my Intrepid class, by the way).

Eurypides is one of the classic Greek dramatists.

My Tier 3 science vessel is named Comet, after the ship from the famous Sci-Fi-Anime Captain Future.

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26th Exploration Squadron - a branch of Starfleet - it's primary mission is exploration. Also it is a squadron since it's not a fleet separate from Starfleet.


My Federation Engineering Officer was the captain of the U.S.S. Blackhawk which stayed with each of his ships (as he aquired a new vessle, the old one was re-commissioned under a different name). His alternate T5 ship is the U.S.S. Chicago. The reason is my like of the Chicago Blackhawks NHL hockey team. :p


My Federation Science Officer will be in command of the following vessles (named after some of the prominent math figures):

T1 - U.S.S. Heaviside
T2 - U.S.S. Dirichlet
T3 - U.S.S. Newton
T4 - U.S.S. Leibniz
T5 - U.S.S. Euler

I picked these names out of my Calculus book. Every so often there would be a little column explaining something one of these people had a part in that was being covered in the chapter.


My Klingon Tactical Officer will be in command of the following vessles (Re-fitted and/or re-commissioned war vessles from the recent past--early to late TNG Era):

T1 - I.K.C. T'Acog
T2 - I.K.C. Heg'ta
T3 - I.K.C. Qu'Vat
T4 - I.K.C. Voq'leng
T5 - I.K.C. Maht-H'a

I thank the TCG for my information on Klingon vessle names because I've not really studied them nearly as much as the Federation. I also tried picking less-known names for the most part with the hopes they'll be unique.

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Here are mine:
Shi-Kahr-class: U.S.S. Waywatcher
Named for the kinship I belonged to in LotRO, the Waywatchers of Cardolan.

Excalibur-class: U.S.S. Apollo
Named after the Greek god Apollo.

Dakota-class: U.S.S. Preston
This was the name given by the game when I got the ship.

Galaxy-class: U.S.S. Lincoln
Named after the sixteenth president of the United States. My personal favorite president.

Sovereign-class: U.S.S. Invincible
I came up with this name in beta as a really good name for my ship. In-game reason is that this ship was originally named the Vigo, but after it took a huge beating by the Klingons, including a photon torpedo hit on the bridge, yet wasn't destroyed...after the refit, it was rechristened Invincible.

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T0-Centaur was the USS Emery Caerwyn for my Daughter
T0-Constitution USS Wasp because she gets no love despite having one of the 5 best Carrier Names of the past century
T1 Sci was the USS 32nd Emery for my daughter, and to advertise the 32nd Fleet
T2 Sci was USS Tenforward 32nd To represent.
T2 Escort is the USS G. Shalit 32nd for 32nd fleet and Gilad Schalit, an israeli sodier who has been held by hamas as a prisoner for nearly 1400 days. Two other soldiers kidnapped have had thier bodies returned to the Israeli governemt.

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My Ships, members of the anti-terran initiative; code name Sheepdog

The USS Oklahoma; Assault Cruiser- named after the state of course.

The USS Borlaug; Science vessel- named for Norman Borlaug, the scientist.;

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I am a part of ANZCOM Fleet, mainly consists of people in Australia and New Zealand time zones which range from GMT +8 to GMT +12 (+13 in Daylight Savings I think)

Miranda Class USS Manly - Named after the area of Sydney I am from

Vesper Class USS Tobruk - Named after the Siege of Tobruk where Allied Troops (comprising of Australian, English, Polish and Czechoslovakian) resisted Axis forces (German and Italian) for 240 days in 1941. Beginning in April 1941 the siege was lifed after Operation Crusader in December 1941. Axis forces were able to capture the town in 1942 following Aliied defeat at the Battle of Gazala in 1942

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The Argonian Ryders...Founded in MS Freelancer, back in May of 2003.

The name comes from my main's last name, and I have used it for over 2 decades (so those lizard people stole it from ME!!!!)

My ship names...are generally jokes...and I don't care who gets them, as long as the RIGHT people get them.

Sural's assault cruiser is named after Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose...because it's a huge lumbering beast.
Sural's Connie (Refit) is named after the guild, and will always remain...

Mey's ship, the USS Sbaitso is the primary joke reference only one person has gotten so far. :D

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