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Hardcore Immersion Klingon Roleplay
TlhIngan jIH
QaHoH bIjatlhHa'chugh

Graphic artist and hardcore roleplayer looking for 30 Klingon players to form a new fleet order. Must be 30+ of age, have a character and a ship name that refer and immerse itself to the Klingon Empire, know what it is to roleplay without big head ego or big fanfare, understand what is to immerse one self and have some real fun for a few hours a week, and, want to be part of something that goes beyong the boring ritual of regular house chat and play of STO.

Interview will be held on Qo'nos and following meetings on ship bridge. See the Klingon Rites of Ascension for a given view of the direction of the fleet.

Name of fleet, story line, hardcore flash web page, Teamspeak setting to be discuss has a group and outside this forum... Tired of seeing poorly made fleet, big groups with no sense of direction, solo players fleet, life problems trash talk chat and youngster kids webpage stuff on the klingon side... Else your on the end zone of the Federation storyline and want to prepare for the coming Klingon content... now is your chance to be part of something different and game immersive.

Fleet will close its door at 30 players.
Time Zone: US / Canada
Hardcore roleplayers
Few hours a week
Tight group of players
STO Klingon Warriors


They have been the federation's staunchest allies and its fiercest adversaries. Cuning, ruthless, driven by an instinct for violence and defined by a complex code of honor, they must push ever outward in order to survive, defying the icy ravages of space with the fire of their hearts. They are Klingons, and if you think you already know all there is to learn about them... think again.

From its highest echelons of power to the shocking depths of its lowest castes from its savagely aggressive military to its humble work force, from political machinations of galactic import to personal demons and family strife, the Klingon Empire is revealed as never before within Star Trek Online when the Klingon Captains and their Klingon crews decide to deflect the Federation and return to their homeworld of Qo'noS in sweeping tales of intrigue, betrayal, and honor.

For to be a Warrior of the Empire in such a time one must prove itself and reclaim the Rites of Ascension.

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Here are the six known Klingon phrase youl ever need to understand to join and fight by our side.These are the only sentence required to learn for space combat (1-6) and ground combat (2,4,5). English will be use for all other fleet communications.

(1) Tactical

(2) Visual

(3) Stand by on Torpedoes

(4) Ready

(5) Fire

(6) Evasive

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Did you not get the memo?

Latest from the Path to 2409

The Klingon High Councel is taking suggestions for a new name for the Empire. So far we have:

•The Nerfed Empire/Empire of Nerf

•The Tablescraps Empire

•The Empire of One

Also in the news:

The Fedrats are getting THREE new playable species, yet our promised Klingon Joined Trill is still "in development"!!!

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Originally Posted by Tasalak
...know what it is to roleplay without big head ego or big fanfare...


Originally Posted by Tasalak
Here are the six known Klingon phrase youl ever need to understand to join and fight by our side.


this sounds like pretty big ego/fanfare to me.

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If you are not interested then please keep it to your self and seek the other threads of the Qo'noS Forum... I would even go as far has to recommend you to view Viddy Thread and maybe join "The Fist of the Empire" which are a good bunch of PVP fanatics and dont concerne themself with RP. You can view their information at the following link: . FoE been around in many games and I myself have even been part of them a few years back. I think you will found the type of play that you seek.

Now for those of you that do wants something different and are looking on the roleplaying side and want some more immersion into your charactes and game play the offer is still on. Simply contact me and all information related will be talk outside STO forum.

Age 30+, maturity and few hours of play every week is all we seek in our players. We will close our doors when we reach our 30 players. If you think youl be playing STO for awhile, seek fun and some good laugh our doors are now open.

Archived Post 03-13-2010 02:57 PM

I'm interested, PM me. For some reason I can't PM you.

Archived Post 03-14-2010 09:37 AM

Information sent !

Archived Post 03-23-2010 04:16 PM

This is the Kind of Fleet im looking for K'Tara. i want to join a serious RP group for her.

you can contact me at K'Tara@rayvenwing So you can ascertain if i am one you would want for your fleet.

Archived Post 03-24-2010 09:39 AM

It may not be what you are looking for, being as it's non-fleet based but I'm starting a roleplay group for anyone really. The idea is that with a variety of fleets, walks of life and races represented conflict and drama will be easier to come by. At very least it'll tide you over until such time as you find or found a house of your own.

The link is above and I would encourage you to give it a read. All events will be weekend based and scheduled hopefully so that everyone can meet other obligations of any sort.

Friend me or contact me at @Loreki if you're interested.

Archived Post 03-31-2010 04:01 PM

Bak'khar son of Lagga....conact me via communication link...


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