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Why doesent klingon quest rewards scale with level?
been doing the same 3 quests since i started my klingon and i get exactly the same crap rewards at lt com 5 as i did at LT 6....

and why is every quest requirering that i do something 3 or 5 times? feds story pve doesent do that and takes about the same time to complete AND is one HECK of alot less boring to do.

one pve quest for feds reward roughtly half a bar of XP, one pvp quest on klingon rewards roughly one fifth of a bar.

now i can take that its boring, but i would like to have the option to level at the same speed as feds do.

because even with pvp matches rather frequently (every 5 minutes or so) feds still level about twice as fast as we do just by doing sector defense missions.. wich is basically the same thing just WAY easier as its pve and they are ALWAYS there.

heck i can probably do 6 - 7 lvl's a day if i rolled a new fed just by doing those sector defense missions. its not like theres a lack of instances around thats near completion to switch around to. as a klingon i struggle with 2 - 3 lvl's a day.

/edit: just asked a friend playing fed, he's getting 309 skillpoints per quest, i get 80:ish......

/edit2: not to mention that feds get some really nice gear ontop of those skillpoints...

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Because we're Klingon. Klingons must earn every point of experience and every drop the Devs begrudgeonly give us. We don't get them handed to us like Fedrats. By the time you are Tier 4 your eyes will bleed and you will be crippled by repetitive motion injuries.

Welcome to Federation Online!

Klingons are like the folks on the Titanic from the lower decks that didn't get seats in the lifeboats.

Notice the Feds get THREE new playable species, yet our promised Klingon Joined Trill is still "in development". {{:-(

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Best answer: Because god hates us

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Because we are Klingon! We don't need handouts to succeed and will earn our points from BATTLE!

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Originally Posted by Thrishmal (Post 2361754)
Because we are Klingon!

i have a better answer to that but that would be offending.

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