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Kai - T4 Science Officer
Looking for a highly organized and well established fleet for Ground/Space PvP combat. I am seeking a fleet with a reliable vent server and website preferably. I also prefer to avoid Fleet drama and immaturity so if your group is saturated with it please do not consider me for your fleet.

I'm currently Captain Grade 2 and moving along quickly. In space I take a DPS/CC Role with some team healing capabilities. On ground I take on a purely healing role. I am flying in a BOP with 2x Disruptor DHCs and a Quantum Torp up front with 2x Disruptor Turrets in the back. If you want to know about load-outs, BO's, or skills please ask me. I have significant experience in highly competitive and team-oriented games including Planetside, WoW, and WAR to name a few recent ones.

The ideal fleet for me would be a small group of about 5-20 members that are active, have a strong understanding of game mechanics and situational awareness, and are highly competitive.

Please contact me if you are interested and have a spot within your fleet.


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Update: Just about BG1, still looking for fleet. Please feel free to respond to post or contact me in-game.


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Originally Posted by Tendrix
Update: Just about BG1, still looking for fleet. Please feel free to respond to post or contact me in-game.


Hi TKO is recruiting. We have between 5 and 10 active members. We are mainly PvP but with the new content we have several members who want to branch into PvE. We have a vent server and are trying to get loners and other smaller fleets to share our vent as a loose alliance.

Here is the link for the vent info, if ya wanna talk to us before you make your desision that would be great.

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Disposable Heroes - Warriors Wanted!
-> <-

Disposable Heroes is not for everyone. We provide a casual but focused PvP experience, and we try not to let bureaucracy get in the way of fun (more pew-pew, less Q Q ).We dominate just about every PvP map we zone into, and we have a blast doing it!

All timezones are welcome!
All tiers are welcome!
All skill levels are welcome!

Stop by our website, check out our awesome PvP and recruiting videos, see what we're all about, and see what we expect from our ranks. If you feel you would prove a useful and beneficial addition to Disposable Heroes, contact one of the following in-game:

Mok' Behtak@JohnRTLane

Alternatively, you can join the public channel DHeroes and get someone's attention.

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