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Deadly Intentions(DI) is recruiting
Deadly Intentions(DI) is recruiting. We are about 30 people strong with a large BG5 base, but we are looking for all levels, LTs to BGs. We are a pvp guild that has been together for seven years through multiple games. We have some of the top premade space pvper's in the KDF. We have a 50 man ventrilo and website for use after joining the fleet. Message me for info or PST me ingame at Subgenius@DIMadman or Luke Skywalker@DIMadman. We are looking to make an impact on ST:O pvp and high end PVE, and would love to have you join us. If any SWG Gorath server people read this, pst me just to catch up.

We have just started a Fed Guild up to make up for the recently sparse number of klingons in the empire. We welcome both factions

If you would like to check us out, our guild website is

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still here

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