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Help me with my backstory
Im making a Jem'Hadar, I have the character recipe, and a general idea on how I wanna RP him (if you arent interested in RP, please leave now, please dont flame my thread or take it offd topic), but, I never did see the end of the Dominion War. I never got to see the end of DS9, and figured I might just ask here what happened.
I also figured Id post the story I came up with and get your input on it.

I ran out of character space so the actual bio starts at "Ive survived this long"
Personal log Stardate: (today lol I dunno how to calculate it)
Ive survived this long.
Our ship was sent on a deep recon mission into Federation space near what I later found out to be the end of the war. After some time, we lost communications with the Founders.

We kept to the mission. With a lack of further orders, we chose to stay with the last ones we were given. Once our suppy of Ketracel White began to dwindle, Our Vor'ta, who had started acting increasingly nervous, met with an unfortionate accident where he entered the airlock and it malfunctioned, cycling him into space.

It wasnt long before more such accidents started befalling Jem'hadar. Mysterious accidents that increased the amount of Ketrecel White for the rest of those alive. Not much more time passed before there were just two of us. I bested my brother in one-on-one combat, securing enough of the remaining Ketrecel White to make my way back to Dominion space.

Heading in that direction, I tapped into a Federation news feed only to find out that the war had ended and the wormhole to Dominion space had been closed.

Note its here that m fuzzy on exactly WHAT happened. Ive heard that the above was true but, like I said, I dont know :p

To make matters worse, my ship swas attacked by Orion raiders of some kind. I was able to fend them off but not without significant damage to my ship.

With the Founders long gone and a lack of ketracel-white, I was wearing down fast. On my last legs, a Federation Science vessel found me, adrift. I dont remember any of that however, as I had apparently been in a coma at the time. The Federation scientists aboard the ship stabilized me. They haven't been able to subdue my need for ketracel-white completely, but they've engineered a substitute that will do the trick for now. I was informed of the events of the end of the war, and after some time I accepted it. It conformed to the time when we lost communication with the Founders.

It's was my choice. Die alone, millions of light years away, abandoned by The Dominion, or try to conform to this new, Federation life.
Ive survived this long.

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i like it so far, you need to go on as to how you have adapted to society so far. keep in mined you were bread for fighting and have a unswerving devotion to the founders, as a general rule of thumb you have to act socially awkward and also have a bit of a uphill battle to climb to be respected by your pears. the could as a dramatic flare or even dare i say comedy. the catch for good story writing and in effect RP is having a character that people find interesting, its a fine line for being simple enough to remember and so people can understand him, yet complex enough that he does not seam wish washy or forgettable

also if i may be so bold don't worry about a rich back story odds are no one cares enough to read it. however think more on who your character is. as far as a back story goes what you have is fine now you need to get to know your character

i could tell you how i would play a jemhadar in starfleet but im not you only you can know who your character is

Archived Post 03-17-2010 06:46 PM

Yeah, I was developing the backstory more as a guide to fleshing out the character. Kind of a pre- production primer to get ready to RP him. I was always the guy that actually developed a backstory for his characters in D&D and VTM cause it made it easier to get into character.
I welcome any ideas on the "how" of RPing him. I remember them from what I saw on DS9 with them, but as far as the unswerving loyalty to the Founders part, Im thinking he's finding himself for likely the first time ever, out of contact with and, seemingly abandoned BY them. He's likely by this point questioning the feelings he had towards them, maybe even going so far as to realize the core OF those feelings were caused by the Ketracel White, and now that the Feds are supplying him with a substitute, those feelings will have begun to wane.
I did what I could to make him as physically similar to them, but of course the character creator only works SO well for that. Im blaming the federation generated substitute for the changes in look (especially as I used "infected" as a base on his skin to give him the extra sickly look).

But yeah, advicve is always welcome, or I wouldnt have posted this lol

Archived Post 03-17-2010 06:50 PM

BTW, if your still wondering, the war pretty much ended because the founders were arrogant a-holes. They sent the Cardassians in first in every engagement, and treated them like cannon fodder. Thus, the Cardassians rose up against them (kinda like the Bajorians did, poetic justice there) and took back their planets. Odo got the founders to surrender in exchange for saving their race from a Federation Bioweapon, the wormhole is still around, and what little Dominion forces that are left in the Alpha Quadrant are basically renegades.

Archived Post 03-17-2010 06:56 PM

Sweet, thanks for that. Ill have to edit that part out. Dang tho lol I thought I heard the wormhole got closed somehow >.< Guess that was bad intel lol

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Originally Posted by Great_Milenko
Sweet, thanks for that. Ill have to edit that part out. Dang tho lol I thought I heard the wormhole got closed somehow >.< Guess that was bad intel lol

Half true. Gul whatshisnuts basically made a pact with evil devil Prophets who closed the wormhole. Then Sisko ***** slapped him and "became" a prophet himself in the last episode.

Archived Post 03-17-2010 07:03 PM

Hmmmm....the wormhole reopened a year after it was closed so the question to your backstory that I don't see is why didn't you go back?

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Originally Posted by sharperifle (Post 2387605)
Hmmmm....the wormhole reopened a year after it was closed so the question to your backstory that I don't see is why didn't you go back?

He's off the White, likely by now (given the advanced intellect they have) figured out WHY the White was engineered and WHY the Founders addicted his race to it. The whole control angle. Since he's off the White, and he's had this revelation, There would be no reason FOR him to return to the Founders so they they can slave him to the White again. He's seen what the Founders really are.

Archived Post 03-17-2010 07:45 PM

Ah okay your backstory wasn't clear he understood the white(or I missed it in there).

Its a good one by the way.

Archived Post 03-17-2010 07:56 PM

I dont think it was lol I gotta rewrite it at some point, give it more than 5 mins worth of thought. For myself more than anything lol like I said, it helps me get into his mind

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