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Archived Post 03-18-2010 05:52 AM

My idea for a Q mission Cryptic
Forgive me if this is in fact already in sto as im not through all the ranks yet, im only a commander6 right now..

I want to see a Q mission like the episode "Qpid" where q puts the crew in the era of robin hood and worf protests "i will not be merry"..... and troi shoots data with an arrow lol... but anyways, have the mission beam us down, but as you and your team materializes, your in the costumes just as in the tv series episode. So far we always beam to a ground mission with our pre defined uniforms we have made... why not have it change for this mission so the player or team leader is robin hood and your away team is friar tuck, little john, and one of the merry men lol......

Q could relive his role as the sherrif of nottingham...

this would be a fantastic mission dont ya think???? :D

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