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RedShirtArmy Podcast Episode 004
Pardon our delays, with the test server going live, the massive details of the 45 Day Patch and more, we had a lot of ground to cover this week! We've narrowed our cast down to us four, and occasionally bringing guest cast (ala Tweedle) for more specific info. This week, we attempt to cover the large amount of information with our final cast lineup change in Episode 004

You can get it with a direct MP3 download ( )

Show Notes Episode 004 -

Quadrant News - We nail all of this weeks topics, from Destra's blog, "the patch" as it is now on Tribble, upcoming raid content and a whole lot of laughter.

Tactics & Gameplay - We take a review look at The Infected while getting a sneak peak at the next Special Task Force: The Cure, as well as discuss some of the current finer points of ground pvp gameplay.

QQ-Continuum - The lucky soul this week, was actually someone who made us laugh in a good mannered way. Kirkfat, our hats off to you good sir, a well written roleplay rant of a mission? Hilarious outcome.

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Check back at for information about Episode 005 this weekend, and yes, we will come up with the contest for the free copy of STO. Irony; being able to give back to the community easily (i.e. paying for copies of the game), but not being able to come up with a creative way to do so, websters dictionary loves us!

For more information and previous episodes, you can always plot a course to our site at

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Woo! Go Redshirts!

...Crap lost another one.

Anyone else wearing a red shirt who is brave yet completely idiotic?

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More shameless bumping.

But do remember!

Redshirts are people too! Unless you're tactical... then you really don't care because you have skill to shamelessly kill them!

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Not to be a downer, but there is a reason why you do not see me offering posts like this with links to the Star Trek Online Geekipedia all the time:


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