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Archived Post 03-19-2010 08:38 AM

How can I play a klingon?
Just got the game. AM creating first character but I don't see any option to create a Klingon.

Archived Post 03-19-2010 08:45 AM

after you hit a lvl 5 or 6 fed player log out then back in and youll get the option to creat a klingon character :)w

Archived Post 03-19-2010 08:48 AM

ok thanks. I wanted to start as a klingon. didn't realize it had to be unlocked.

Archived Post 03-19-2010 08:55 AM

either reach level 6 on your fed, or finish the "Stop the Signal" quest. doing either one will unlock the ability to create a klingon (although you may need to relog/restart to see it).

your klingon will start at level 5 or 6 (don't recall which exactly) so it's not really wasted time. it's just that this way, Cryptic only needed to make the new player introduction missions for one side. it would be a waste of development time to make a whole other set of klingon-specific new player missions, and Cryptic is all about not making klingon-specific missions if they can reasonably avoid it.


Archived Post 03-19-2010 08:56 AM

format. fdisk. reinstall.
and your off

Archived Post 03-19-2010 09:05 AM

apparently, according to most Feds, all you have to do, is get into a Bird of Prey and pvp using the "iwin" button.

that is all.

Archived Post 03-19-2010 12:19 PM

Dang, where do I get one of those "iwin" buttons? Is that from the broken PvP vendor at Ganalda? The one that's been broken since beta testing?

Hey, I hear the Klingons are getting a new bridge officer skill - "server not responding". It's available with the Klingon Joined Trill playable species.

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