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Archived Post 03-22-2010 07:17 AM

Canons get a pre-fix?
I thought I read in the upcoming season 1 patch notes something about the canons getting a fix for the skill rapid fire 1, 2, and 3. Right now RF3 is working correctly as far as I can tell with dual heavy cannons. But, when I went and used RF1 I could not tell any difference at all in the speed, damage, or recharge rates. I used a stopwatch for several targets PvE that were the same type and level. RF3 I noticed a difference, but it wasnt what I was used to.

Also, did feds get a shield buff for PvP? I have been PvPing since I unlocked my klink and never before have I had trouble getting through shields of a fed ship, except the ones in the biggest ships for the Tier I was in. Seems like the skill Rapid Fire along with cannons got a scale back "nerf" from what I am used to. Reason I mention this is I was doing a bit of PvP when I came across an advanced escort "prometheus" and decided to go after him. Well I VMd him "he broke it imediately" and I attacked him with 120 power to weapons, and the following skills (Rapid Fire 3, AP Omega 1, the usual 4 attack buffs, and a couple other skills). I did not dent his shields at all the entire map, and I am using Mk X PvP gear, not the greens either. All purple and some blues I looted or bought.

Can someone explain to me how in about a week I can go from popping fed escorts fairly well to doing pathetic damage? I attacked everyone I could with the same result too, it wasnt just the advanced escort. It was like my weapons were only there for show, or another way to put it, it was like using Mk 1 guns in a Mk X fight. I did several PvP matches with very much the same results, so it was not just the defense vs weapon types either as I was switching out weapons during and after the matches. Is there a bug out there where BoPs dont do damage or something I am not aware of, because that is what it felt like.

Can someone please explain so I am not pulling whats left of my hair off? I am not calling for a nerf this or nerf that, or make me do more damage, I am after an explanation so I can adjust my ship. If that doesnt work I can do what feds always do and cry and whine till I get my way. :P

Archived Post 03-22-2010 10:25 AM

Rapid Fire 1 is working like RF3 right now.

There has been no patch to live.

The cannons will work better after Season I

VM is broken by Science team or Attack pattern Omega.

Did he have someone healing him?

Did you parse your combat log? You should turn logging on /combatlog 1 to do that and find the parser.

Raptor on Tribble is a DPS beast so you might want to look at that.

Also check out Attack pattern Beta.

Archived Post 03-23-2010 02:28 AM

Most likely cause for your damage woes with cannons on Tribble is weapon power. Cannons of all types are eating a ton more weapon power, and with the removal of forced sequence firing, you were probably down to 5 weapon power and doing almost no damage without realising it.

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Cannons and EPS took a horrible nerf in the upcoming patch. Klingons are screwed in general along with escorts. Peace is breaking out all over the quadrant because there will be no more Klingons. That is all.

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Originally Posted by Kheldor9
Cannons and EPS took a horrible nerf in the upcoming patch. Klingons are screwed in general along with escorts. Peace is breaking out all over the quadrant because there will be no more Klingons. That is all.

I understand that you're upset with the changes, but this kind of chicken little mentality needs to stop. From more than just you, nothing personal.

Tactical Birds of Prey are pretty interesting on Tribble with the new skills, changes to cannons, and changes to power levels.

I personally run 3 Dual Heavy Cannons with 2 Mk X EPS Regulators and a Mk X Plasma Manifold (+6 Weapon Power). With just Rapid Fire II, I can drop a Fleet Escort in a single pass if he doesn't react fast enough. Even faster if I stack Attack Pattern Alpha and Omega. And my Weapon Power never dropped below 75 (I run ~123/100). It's fine.

Even my Fleet Escort, which uses 2 EPS consoles, can handle using 2 Dual Heavy Cannons and a Dual Beam Bank with the use of Beam Overload, no problem. My Assault Cruiser, again 2 EPS, spams Beam Overload and handles it just fine.

If anything, the Bird of Prey turns too fast when using Attack patterns, but you can quickly whip around to finish that cruiser off between RSPs.

I can't speak for Science and Engineering Birds, but they can use Omega III with their other abilities.

Ignore everyone that's over reacting to the changes.

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