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Archived Post 03-25-2010 06:12 PM

Patcher Opens When I Quit?
For some obscure reason whenever I quit out of STO the Patcher pops open and then attempts to connect me to STO.

While I enjoy playing STO, when I quit I'd rather like to not get dragged back in? :D

Any clue what's going on with that?

Archived Post 03-25-2010 06:18 PM

Same here,but it soon goes away again when it see's the error of its way :rolleyes:

Archived Post 03-27-2010 05:11 AM

Same, I believe it's a leftover from the prepatch that hasnt been turned off.

Archived Post 03-27-2010 06:32 AM

Yea, close game, patcher opens, doesn't see anything new, closes. Kinda pointless lol

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