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Archived Post 03-26-2010 03:59 AM

PVE Cluster Bugs
after a full day of PvE (Of which I'm enjoying) I wanted to see if anyone other than me is having some of these issues.

1. When doing explore missions, the exp per mission is about what i expect on Fed side, but doing a chain of three then turning in to get the badges I noticed I gained 23 exp for the turn in. This number kept going down when i leveled, in other words I went from 70 exp, leveled once, went to 30 exp, leveled again and went to 26 exp so on and so forth, is this intended?

2. Some of my missions start with no dialog, but are still doable (sometimes) but when I complete them I gain no exp. In some cases I warp in only to find an empty map.

3. many of the npcs are spawning on or in buildings where you cant get them, and if you can shoot one on a building they jump down like lemmings and die to the fall.

4. Some of the buildings...are floating. Yes floating, as in i can walk under them, and some times i fall through the map. Sadly the npcs do the same thing and when they do they too fall through the map, this means no mission complete because you cant get them.

5. Still finding anomalies on space maps.

6. Finding borg devices in the strangest places, on on alot of ground maps where we dont have anything to do with them.

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