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What's the difference in skill
I was trying to be tactical in chiding the best skills for my BOs but I guess I missed the part that they are all the same. That is level 1 is no different then 3 as far as the effects it has. So in researching a white standard BO is not any different then a purple very rare one. I do see that the talents are different though like a white has two basic talents a green has one basic, a blue has one superior and purple has two superior talents. So why is the Borg BO a blue with two superior talents? Sorry tanjent.

So is this the difference that makes a BO rare or very rare cause the skill rank 3 does no more then skill rank 1. I can't help but think how much impact this would have on the exchange system. It would be nice to be able to pick the talents like you do with your captain in the commision process. Then the system could randomly select which is the superior or basic talents.

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No one has feed back?

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Talemts are the only things that are different for the BO's like you noticed. A rank 3 ability on a white will be the same on a purple, its just the traits that are better.

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What is the difference between basic and superior talent

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